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Mill Branch Divinty


Dr. J. Gentile Everett has been the Senior Pastor of Mill Branch Baptist Church since 1999 and has lead his church and congregation in a mighty way. During this time the church has been built twice and the congregation has grown to over 1,000 members. Dr. Everett not only possesses a vision for his church, but for Fairmont and Robeson County as well. Not one afraid to step out on faith. Dr. Everett has established and lead in the opening of two, new much needed entities in Robeson County.


Mill Branch Divinity School


    The school is located on the campus of Mill Branch Baptist Church at 10310 Highway 130 Bypass in Fairmont, North Carolina. The motto for the school is, "A School Where the Social Gospel is Brought to Life," Dr. Everett said, "that the school is dedicated to providing a pragmatic approach to ministry, by offering clarity to Biblical mysteries and causing theology to be socially experienced."

     There are three programs that are offered at the school. Accepted candidates can obtain a Bachelor of Social Theology, a Masters of Social Theology or a Certification for Sunday School Specialist. "We have a social approach to theology along with formal theology which deals with technical theological terms which are very important for individuals that are in leadership positions in ministry,"said Dr. Everett. This pastor also points out that in many instances individuals may hear, but not fully understand. God has given him a successful way of preaching to the common man, and this kind preaching is emphasized by the school.

   "The school will help bring God into the social consciousness of man which will help people in so many different areas of their life such as; dealing with a mate, children, finances, employment and other areas that affect people on a daily basis," said Dr. Everett. Another area the school addresses is teaching how God is a right now God. One of the goals of the seminary is to help people rethink and realize that God can work miracles in their lives right now while their living, and not just at the end of life when death comes. Dr. Everett says that many of the preachers and pastors that enroll in the school will also be shown how great houses of worship can be established right here in Robeson County. "People dont't always have to go somewhere else to reap the benefits of God. You can do it right here in Fairmont, we don't have to go to Atlanta or Florida to see great houses of worship," he added.

   Dr. Everett is truly a man that finds delight in taking steps where others fear to go. It was once said of him by Fred Sandusky, "It would be an insult to call Dr. Everett a gifted black scholar, he is a scholar of any ethnicity." Another vital area that the school addresses is dealing directly with the very reason that people come to church in the first place. It has been proven that the interest in God differs in different environments. "People in this area come to church because they want to hear something that's going to help them on Monday." The pastor is very mindful to point out that in no way will the school strip scripture. "We will make sure to always give scripture its due," he added.

   After completing studies at Mill Branch Divinty School each graduate will be able to go back to their own home church and make an immediate impact. "We make sure to not legislate, but instead we teach vision leadership," said Dr. Everett. For more information about the program and cost, simply call (910) 628-9146 and someone will be more than glad to assist you. You can also email Dr. Everett at " Remember, you don't have to be in California to be blessed by God. He's in the blessing business right here in Robeson County," said Dr. J. Gentile Everett. The school even offers free attendance to senior citizens that are 62 years of age and older as well as members of Mill Branch Baptist Church.





Mill Branch Baptist Church Divinity School
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