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"The Year of the Preaching Prince"

Dr. J. Gentile Everett

Birthed out of seven decades of preachers, his legacy precedes him and signs follow him.  His treasures are God's words and he says, "True life is shaped by the principles of God."  Noted author, musician, and vision of Mill Branch, he has commited himself to his congregants and community, and they have embraced him wholeheartedly.  He cultivates the house with a philosophy to Pursue, Achieve, and Magnify (PAM).  Celebrating 35 years preaching and teaching the word of God in 2008, his wisdom and seniority speaks volumes via the manifestation of ripened fruit.  The new facility that engaged a million dollar expansion project under his leadership is just the beginning of the line of things Dr. Everett believe he and his church family will share.















Behind Dr. Everett stand an equally gifted woman, co-pastor, Reverend Joan A. Everett.  They, together, stand poised with the whole armor of God to meet the challenges of the day.  Rev. Joan stands as a model for any woman of God who wishes to maintain focus and be a success story in her own right, at home, in ministry, and in the corporate arena.


The message, the man, and the journey trascends the rural confines of Fairmont, North Carolina; yet finds that it has a permanent home embraced by all that hear and see.  Dr Everett says, "Just do what God has placed in you and the rest if really immaterial."



















J. Gentile Everett's Publications:

" Salvation: The Key to Church Order "

" How He Works (Sequel) "

" Nugget and Nooks " (released 2009; Barnes & Noble, Amazon)

" The Making of A Life " (released 2011; Barnes & Noble, Amazon)

" The Eternal Divorce " (released 2012; Barnes & Noble, Amazon)

" Three Rims and a Hubcap " ( released 2016: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Walmart)

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Dr. J. Gentile Everett is a fourth Generation veteran Pastor of more than 30 years. He is the Senior Pastor of Mill Branch Baptist Church in Fairmont, North Carolina and President of the Mill Branch Divinity School. His education includes undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate studies at the Saint Andrews Presbyterian College, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fayetteville State University, Garner Webb University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government.



Between the commencement of the Vietnam War and the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born this preacher's preacher and

motivatiional orator. He believes as a result of his early influence of his grandfather Reverend Jesse Everett, Sr. and his pertinacious

faith in God, the obstacles were presented to him as stages of preparation for the work he was to do.



Dr. Everett believes that "will" is greater than "skill". Dance to the music you hear, and pursue your vision. Don't let obstacles become a deterrent and don't allow challenges to become irritants.




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